Drunk Driving vs. Drowsy Driving vs. Distracted Driving


Learn about the distince dangers of each - which may be far greater than you realize.  



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Avoid Personal Injury: 10 Texting and Driving Statistics Every Driver Should Know


Did you know that nearly one fourth of all automobile crashes involve cell phones?

If that doesn't "drive home" the point of the dangers of distracted driving due to cell phones, nothing will. 



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Do You Have a Car Emergency Kit?


View this "Car Emergency Kit infographic" to learn why you should and how to do buy or make one. 


Even if you are already prepared, you might find some tips to improve your current kit. 

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation


Sleep deprivation creates a wide variety of health and safety risks; for example, driving while not fully rested is extremely dangerous. 

  • Tired? Don't get behind the wheel. Handle it later or get someone else to drive.
  • Feeling drowsy while driving? Get off the road and take a break. No matter how inconvenient, it's far less trouble than an accident or injury. 

View The Comprehensive Guide to Sleep Deprivation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment to learn more.

A very detailed overview of this commonplace distracted driving behavior: 



The Dangers of Texting & Driving - Facts & Statistics



What's your driving personality?


Take a free driving personality quiz to learn if you have safe or unsafe driving practices – and get some tips for improvement. 




"The Cards of Distractibility" online game simulates texting with a friend while driving to highlight the dangers of this behavior. At the end of the timed text session, players must identify which road signs they saw while texting; the game will then generate a score to show their level of distraction. 







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