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A few reminders to keep safe driving top of mind through the holiday season and beyond:   


Study: The most dangerous places to be driving on New Year’s Eve

11 Tips for a Safe and Fun New Year’s Eve

Important Road Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: December 2-6


The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. has created materials to help families understand, talk about and manage the specific risks that impact senior drivers.  


Learn more about Older Driver Safety Awareness Week.


Holiday Reminder: Impaired Driving


Visit the U.S. Department of Transportation's "Drive Sober" and Traffic Safety Marketing websites for information that can help you and your family, friends and relatives prevent death or injury and stay safe during the holiday season. 


Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: Nov. 3-10


Many drivers take to the roads when they're not well-rested; the result is that they are not fully 

alert and prepared to handle the complex decisions required to protect themselves and others.


It's far more common that you think - are you part of the problem? 



Learn more about Drowsy Driving Prevention Week.


Recommended Websites


Visit this excellent resource to learn more about a topic that impacts everyone’s safety – distracted driving.  


Check Your Distracted Driving Behaviors


Driving Dangers: Avoid Common Distractions


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