Remember to Stay Safe in December


The holiday season is upon us once again, and we're all looking forward to a little holiday cheer after a challenging 2020.

However, along with the good times comes heightened responsibility for drivers, which means remaining vigilant, unimpaired and undistracted on the roads. Not to mention that we're supposed to be staying at home as much as possible … 


Check out the important reminders below and please share these important messages.


Wishing everyone a joyous, prosperous, happy — and most importantly — SAFE holiday season!


"Tie One On For Safety": Nov. 1-Dec. 31


According to the NSC, car accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities rise during holidays/holiday seasons — and alcohol can play a major role.


Visit the MADD “Tie One On For Safety” page to learn how you can help to address this issue.    



Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: Nov. 1-8


We've all done it; driving home after a long day at work, a late night, pushing to reach a destination  or even a short trip when we're just a little tired. 


Check out for specific information on risks and prevention, and visit for a wealth of information on the importance of good sleep — and how to get it. 



National Teen Driver Safety Week: October 18-24


Driving is serious business for all drivers, but teens are particularly at risk. In fact, did you know that crashes are still the leading cause of teen deaths? 


Visit the official NHTSA resource page to learn how to educate and protect teen drivers. 



October is Car Safety Month


Is your vehicle ready for the harsh winter weather and driving conditions? 


Visit the official BeCareCareAware page for resources and a downloadable checklist.



Coronavirus Information


The official U.S. resource for news and updates on the Coronavirus (COVID 19):

Recommended Websites


Visit this excellent resource to learn more about a topic that impacts everyone’s safety – distracted driving.  


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