Happy Holidays 2021: Please Stay Safe on the Road!


A fun but serious reminder to enjoy the holidays safely from the NHTSA. 


The easy takeaway from this image is that each of us must take responsbility for our actions on the road - don't leave it to others. Your good judgement and vigilance while operating a vehicle might be the deciding factor/slim margin between staying safe and healthy and serious injury (even death). Don't let yourself or someone in your family become a statistic through impaired, distracted or just plain reckless driving. 


Now that we have that out of the way, Happy Holidays to one and all from DriverSafetyLinks.com!

 Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over: Dec. 15, 2021 - Jan. 1, 2022 


At this point, the dangers of drunk driving are well-established - even if individuals choose to ignore them because they can "manage the risk." Guess what? You can't, because that's the nature of imparied driving. It's simply not worth the potential for injury or death for yourself, passengers and fellow drivers.

The message is quite simple: DON'T DO IT. Stay overnight, get a designated driver or just remain at home if you can't manage to avoid alcohol when you need to operate a vehicle. 


There is a wealth of information on this topic to read and share on the 

Traffic Safety Marketing website.


Happy Holidays and stay safe on the road! 

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Happy Thanksgiving and Drive Safely!


It's no secret that the extra traffic around holidays raises the level of risk for everyone on the road. However, since driving travel is ramping up to pre-pandemic levels this Thanksgiving,

it's even more important to review these great safety reminders: 


Stay Safe on the Road - Red Cross

What to Expect If You're Traveling This Thanksgiving (2021) AAA

Thanksgiving - Buckle Up - Travel Safety Marketing


Fall Driving Safety Tips


Now that fall is in full swing and the weather is taking a turn for the worse, check out:  

"How to Avoid Hitting a Deer" courtesy of Erie Insurance (everyone in PA is probably familiar with this hazard). 


Fall Driving Safety Tips from PennDOT (watch out for those pesky leaves - the colors are nice, but they can make the road VERY slick).

2021 National School Bus Safety Week: October 18-22


Everyone should be well aware of how important it for drivers to obey the "Stop" signs when children are boarding or existing a school bus as well as remaining attentive where parents and kids are gathering to start or end the school day.


Learn all about how to keep children safe on the National Association for Pupil Transportation's official National School Bus Safety Week page.



Take the "Just Drive" Pledge

Do your part for safe driving for yourself and your fellow drivers 


Commit to driving distraction-free by taking the NSC "Just Drive" pledge!




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