May Safety Observations 

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month

Did you know that car crashes are the #1 killer of young people in the U.S.?


Visit the official National Organizations for Youth Safety website for resources on traffic-related injury prevention. 

Two Wheel Safety Month: Motorcycle and Bicycles


Motorcyclists, bicyclists and motorists have a shared responsibility for traffic safety, so always remember to 

watch out for each other and drive courteously and defensively.  

May is Motorcycle Safety Month


Learn more on the official NHTSA website 



May is National Bike Month


Learn more from the The League of American Bicyclists 



April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month


Did you know that driving is more dangerous than ever? On a typical day, eight people are killed and hundreds more are injured in distraction-affected crashesThe theme for Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2022 is "Just Drive" — a simple yet critically important message. 


Learn more from the National Safety Council.

Week 4: April 25-30

Understanding driver distraction


Buckle up and phone down every drive.  


Get the poster here.

Download the quiz.

Get the infographic.

Download the report.

See the Policy Statement.

Week 3: April 18-24

Keep your eyes on the prize


Driving distraction-free is a lifelong commitment. 


Download the Poster


Download the Safety Talk and the Presentation


Watch Carlos Rosario’s moving story about distracted driving.

Week 2: April 11-17

So you think you can multitask? 


Don't fool yourself - multitasking is a myth! 


Download the policy template and access the free NSC Safe Driving Kit for a policy guide.

Get the posters here and here.

Download the fact sheet.

Get the infographics here and here.



Week 1: April 1-10

Do your part for safe driving for yourself and your fellow drivers 


Commit to driving distraction-free by taking the NSC "Just Drive" pledge!


Why “just” isn’t an excuse to drive distracted and share the three steps for setting up a safe drive

Get the posters here and here

Get the infographics here and here.

National Work Zone Awareness Week: April 11-15



Did you know that in 2019, 842 people were killed in 762 fatal work zone crashes, according to the most recent data available from  


Your vigilance and caution can help to save lives and prevent injuries to everyone in your vehicle and road workers. 


Learn more on the official NWZAW website.  



NWZAW New Event: Moment of Silence on April 15


Please observe a moment of silence at the office or at home to remember those who lost their lives in a work zone incident. 


You can prevent injuries and death in work zones through better awareness and observance of all driving rules. Let's band together to keep drivers and workers safe year-round. 





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