Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: Nov. 3-10


Many drivers take to the roads when they're not well-rested; the result is that they are not fully 

alert and prepared to handle the complex decisions required to protect themselves and others.


It's far more common that you think - are you part of the problem? 



Learn more about Drowsy Driving Prevention Week.


National School Bus Safety Week: Oct. 21-25


It's everyone's responsiblityincluding students to help promote and maintain school bus safety. 


This year's theme is "My School Bus, The Safest Form of Student Transportation!" 




Learn more about National School Bus Safety Week.

National Teen Driver Safety Week: Oct. 20-26


Statistics don't lie: It's clear that that teens needs to learn the "Rules for the Road" to help them stay safe. 





Learn more about Teen Driver Safety Week.

Check Your Distracted Driving Behaviors


Driving Dangers: Avoid Common Distractions


National Child Passenger Safety Week: Sept. 15-21


"Every 32 seconds in 2017, one child under the age of 13 in a passenger vehicle was involved in a crash. Many times, injuries and deaths can be prevented by proper use of car seats, boosters, and seat belts." - NHTSA


What's more important than a child's safety? 


Learn more about Child Passenger Safety Week.

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over: Aug. 16-Sept. 2


This yearly campaign is a strong reminder that the best way to avoid the many serious consequences of drinking and driving is simply: "Don't do it."



Learn more about the NHTSA's Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign.


View TSM's information on Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

Stop On Red Week: Aug. 4-10


The National Coalition for Safer Roads' "Stop On Red Week" is focused on helping to improve awareness of the critical need to obey red lights. This may seem like driving 101, but be honest

with yourself; have you run a red light recently or come close to it? 


Each day of this week emphasizes different safety aspects, useful statistics and information.


Learn more about Stop on Red Week 2009


National Safety Month, Week 4: Impairment


Impaired driving can be caused by risks beyond what most of us would typically consider;  for example, prescription and over-the-counter medications can lead

to significant impairment. 


Check out the NSC's Week #4 links to learn more.  

National Safety Month, Week 3: Fatigue


Getting enough rest? If not, you may be putting yourself and others at risk on the road. 

Sleep is vitally important to general good health; specifically, it promotes alertness and

peak cognitive function — helping you to make the right decisions while driving.  


After you take a nap, check out the NSC's Week #3 links to learn more.  

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month: May 2019


"Traffic crashes remain the #1 killer of teens – and summer is still the deadliest season for U.S. youth on the roads." National Organizations for Youth Safety


Global Youth Traffic Safety Month seeks to educate everyone  particularly young drivers – on how to help reduce their risk. 



Distracted Driving Awareness Month: April 2019


"Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April is a united effort to recognize the dangers of and eliminate preventable deaths from distracted driving. Join us to help save lives." National Safety Council


Make it a point to recognize and eliminate driving distractions anytime you are behind the


National Work Zone Awareness Week: April 8-12, 2019


Work zone safety is something that all drivers should take seriously during the long road construction season.


It's very simple to help keep construction workers, fellow drivers and yourself safe by using a little extra caution and common sense  along with following all posted signs and traffic direction from flaggers. 


"Drive like you work here."


Visit this excellent resource to learn more about a topic that impacts everyone’s safety – distracted driving.  


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