Winter and Holiday Driving Update


IIt's official - winter is here, and that means driving on snow and ice-covered roads. Review some quick tips to help manage the risk: 

Guest Submissions

Read a short and informative four-chapter artice/infographic on the hazards of nightime driving:


How Not to Become a Statistic On the Road After Dark – Tips to Improve Safety



"The Cards of Distractibility" online game simulates texting with a friend while driving to highlight the dangers of this behavior. At the end of the timed text session, players must identify which road signs they saw while texting; the game will then generate a score to show their level of distraction. 



Drinking and Driving During Christmas in the United Kingdom: Infographic 2017


An interesting piece that is worth a look. It's not hard to see how impaired driving due to alcohol during the holidays would have a similar negative impact in your country.  


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