Spring Into Safe Driving


April is the month most associated with Spring; in the U.S., this generally means warmer weather, rain, more driving – and lots of road construction and repair.


It’s a great time to remind ourselves to stay focused (National Distracted Driving Awareness Month) and to obey all posted signs in work zone areas (National Work Zone Awareness Week). 


Winter and Holiday Driving


Once again, we're at that time of year that combines three factors that make safe driving practices more important than ever. What might these be? Try the potential for poor and dangerous road conditions due to bad weather; heavy traffic; and distractions (e.g., work and family events, stress and lack of sleep). These are in addition to the standard ongoing distractions (mobile devices, eating and drinking, searching for items, conversations, etc.). 


It's up to each one of us to make sound choices about focusing on the task at hand – driving safely. So check out these tips from trusted resources and avoid distracted and impaired driving at all costs. And for good measure, there are even some "road trip tips" that aren't necessarily about driving safely, but will help to make your trip a safer and more enjoyable one overall.


Happy Holidays! 



National Teen Driver Safety Week is Oct. 16-20


Teen drivers are at very high risk  learn more about helping them to stay safe on the road. 


Labor Day 2016


It's Labor Day weekend, which for most U.S. residents marks the psychological (kids back to school, vacations over, shorter days, weather starting to gradually cool, etc.) if not the actual end of summer. 


If it's your last road trip for the year, or you're doing nothing more than driving locally to visit friends and family, it means you – and a lot of other people – will be on the roads. 


Sounds like the same old, same old, right? Probably, but maybe the fact below from Money's article "7 Things Travelers Can Expect for Labor Day Weekend 2016will help to instill a renewed sense of urgency: 


"For the busy three-day 2016 Labor Day weekend, the NSC is forecasting that 483 people will die on the roads, the highest total since 2008." 


None of us wants to find out that a "statistic" is someone we knew  or even worse, someone who was riding in a vehicle with us. 

So please make the effort to stay focused, alert and drive defensively so that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. 



Summer Driving Safety


Memorial Day marks the official start of the "summer driving season" in the U.S., and millions of drivers and passengers will hit the road. 


No matter how close or far your destination, enjoy your travel time – but please remember two words: SAFETY FIRST!

Winter Driving Safety

The holiday rush is behind us, but many motorists are now facing a decent stretch of potentially hazardous winter driving in the months ahead.

As always, it's important to stay focused to stay safe; in addition, there are specific steps you can take to help minimize risk: 


o    AAA

o    Car Talk



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