Labor Day Weekend 2022


Now that traffic and travel are matching or exceeding pre-pandemic levels, driving safety is more important than ever. Did you know that the National Safety Council (NSC) estimates 456 people may die on U.S. roads this Labor Day holiday period? That's simply an unacceptable number, and the goal should always be zero. Read the NSC's important summary of Labory Day injury facts. 


Please use this information to do the one thing that's in your control to help ensure everyone enjoys the U.S. holiday weekend  drive safely!  


Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over: August 2022


Did you know that one person is killed about every 45 minutes in a drunk-driving crash, totaling more than 11,000 lives lost each year? 


That's a pretty sobering fact. Take responsibility — if you are going to drink, don't drive!


Learn more about the dangers of drunk driving from the National Traffic Safety Administration. 

Stop on Red Week 2022: Aug. 7-13


In 2020, 928 people were killed in crashes that involved red-light running. 


Stopping at red lights is a driving basic. That means all of us should do it EVERY TIME,

no exceptions.This simple practice — which we should already be doing  will save lives and move this completely unacceptable number to zero. 


Visit the National Coalition for Safer Roads Stop on Red Week page to learn more about this important topic and this year's "Hope in Action" theme. 





Celebrate Independence Day 2022 Safely


Did you know? 

     - More than 100 people per day die in car accidents

     - Nearly 500 people could die on the road this Fourth of July 

     - U.S. roads are the most dangerous they've been in 16 years


Enjoy the holiday safely by following the National Safey Council's common-sense tips in theiNSC Urges Safe Driving This Independence Day Weekend article. 


Make Safety Your #1 Priority for During Memorial Day Weekend 2022


YOU can have a direct impact on keeping yourself, passengers and fellow motorists safe by driving safely and defensively — and using a bit of good old common sense: 


NSC Offers Six Safe Driving Tips for Memorial Day


Holiday Traffic Fatality Estimate


Let’s beat the disturbing predictions for injuries and fatalities so that everyone can have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month

Did you know that car crashes are the #1 killer of young people in the U.S.?


Visit the official National Organizations for Youth Safety website for resources on traffic-related injury prevention. 

Two Wheel Safety Month: Motorcycle and Bicycles


Motorcyclists, bicyclists and motorists have a shared responsibility for traffic safety, so always remember to 

watch out for each other and drive courteously and defensively.  

May is Motorcycle Safety Month


Learn more on the official NHTSA website 



May is National Bike Month


Learn more from the The League of American Bicyclists 



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